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Why Our Prints Are Affordable

Our Mission: Photography Should Be Affordable
Because of the nature of photography, we believe photographs should be affordable. A photographer can make an unlimited number of original prints. So our hope is that if you love an image, you can afford to buy it, and you can enjoy looking at it every single day. Photography shouldn't just be for people with lots of money, and since fine art photography is one of America's truly original contributions to the world of art, it's only appropriate that it be "democratic," and available to as many people as possible.

Unlimited Editions
For years galleries have been almost forcing photographers to produce limited editions of their photographs. Why? The theory was that if you limit the supply, you can charge more. And it's worked, although few editions of any photographer's work actually sell out. The concept of limited editions is inherently "unphotographic." After all, photography is virtually the only art form that has the ability to produce an infinite number of original prints from a single image.

Modern Printing Technology
Today's photographic printing technology allows us to produce absolutely stunning, archival color and black & white prints with 100% consistency and quality using specially formulated archival pigments. In the past photographers  had to rely on toxic and polluting chemical darkrooms to produce prints. The process was time consuming, and inherently expensive. Today's technology can, in many cases, produce more beautiful prints at a fraction of the cost. Yet, until now that cost has not been passed on the consumer. To learn more about just how our beautiful prints are produced, CLICK HERE.

On-Demand, One-At-A-Time Prints, Custom Made By Le Fotografie
When we chose the final images from each photographer we made print after print of each image until we came up with the best possible color, tonality, sharpness and vibrance. We sent those prints off to each photographer for their approval. Only after each photographer approves a master print of each image do we release the print for sale. So now our photographers can do what they do best: make beautiful photographs. We do their printing. On demand. Directly for you.

Authorized Special Edition Prints
Each Le Fotografie print is imprinted with the Le Fotografie Authorized Special Edition imprint and the copyright of the photographer. This imprint guarantees that you have purchased a print that has been authorized by the photograher and that a master print made by Le Fotografie has been approved by the photographer prior to putting the image on the Le Fotografie web site. The imprint is positioned at the bottom edge of the photograph and is covered when the print is placed in a window mat. However, the imprint will always be on the print to protect your investment and to prove its authenticity.


Our Emphasis Is The Image
Our mission is to bring you exquisitely-printed, original prints at an extremely affordable price. By making prints on-demand and by not having a physical gallery with all the associated rent and overhead we can keep prices low. But most importantly it's a philosophical decision to reinvent photography as the ultimate democratic art form. We want as many people as possible to be able to afford to own a beautifully-printed, original photograph. That's our philosophy. And that's our commitment to you.


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