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Archival Mats And Frames

Window Mats
Fine art photographs have traditionally been shown mounted and with a simple, white, window mat. This presentation of a photograph best shows off all the qualities of the image and focuses the viewer's attention on the details and content of the image. Almost all museum photography shows use the same type of window mats that we are producing. Window mats also protect the image when framed keeping the glass from touching the surface of the print and damaging the image. 

2riddell-e-comm-w-mat-060.jpgMat Sizes And Window Opening Sizes
We believe in giving a window mat a fairly generous border. Our 8"x10" prints are mounted on 14"x17" 2-ply backing boards using archival mounting corners. A 4-ply, bevel-cut hinged window mat is made with an opening that barely covers the edge of the image, cropping our the Le Fotografie imprint. Our 11"x14" prints are mounted on 16"x20" 2-ply backing boards using archival mounting corners. A 4-ply, bevel-cut hinged window mat barely covers the edge of the image. Our 13"x18" prints are mounted on 20"x24" 2-ply backing boards using archival mounting corners. A 4-ply, bevel-cut hinged window mat covers the edge of the image by about 1/8" on all four sides of the image. All the openings are cut with slightly larger bottom border which is traditionally how photography mats are produced. Square images are mounted and presented with the mat in a vertical orientation with an even larger bottom border yielding a contemporary look.

Our window mats are made of acid free, buffered, 100% rag paper which keeps any chemicals from getting into the print surface and degrading the image over time. Cheap mat boards can actually damage your print. Le Fotografie uses only the finest 100% cotton rag, acid free boards to protect your print for the long term.

We offer only very simple black frames. These mat-finish, wood frames are similar to what you'll see in most photography galleries. A simple, and relatively thin, black frame looks good with almost any decor and is equally effective with both black & white and color images. Frames are 3/4" deep, 3/4" wide on the face and the Acrylite glazing is set back only 3/16" from the front face. Elegant, simple and affordable, like everything we do. We have found a source for these frames that is both affordable and high quality. We keep 14x17, 16x20 and 20x24 in our inventory, to match our mat sizes, and assemble the mat, frame and glazing upon receipt of each order. Frames come ready-to-hang.

We use Acrylite glazing which is popular in many galleries. It's easier and safer to ship than glass and has nearly perfect optical qualities. Acrylite comes in two versions. Standard Acrylite has little to no UV filtering and is much less expensive than the other option, UV-filtering Acrylite.
Testing by Wilhelm Research indicates that prints displayed under standard Acrylite will last 75 to 150 years without noticeable fading assuming prints do not receive direct sunlight. Prints framed with UV-filtering Acrylite will last 150 to 250 years without noticeable fading. So it's your choice whether the extra cost of the UV Acrylite is worth it or not.

Ready To Hang
So now you can receive your prints from Le Fotografie ready to hang. Avoid the hassle of taking your print to a framer and paying custom-frame shop prices. All you need to do is put up a picture hook and your print is ready for your daily enjoyment. It's just one more way that Le Fotografie is striving to fulfill it's mission to make fine art photography affordable for everyone.

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